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Beowulf, translated into Gen Z English. “A smol bean to start with, he would glow up hard later on / As his powers got fire af and his rizz went viral. Legend.” I think this is easier to read in the original Old English…

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Elsa Gonsiorowski

Somewhat similar is Maria Dahvana’s Beowulf: a new translation which is fantastic!

David E. Wheeler

Shared this with my kid, who then sent me to harry-potter-gen-z. That's my evening sorted.

Might have to read that book, Elsa, looks great!

David E. Wheeler

Checked Maria Dahvana's Beowulf out of the library and very much enjoyed it. The Gen-Zness isn't over the top, just enough to make the text more accessible, even to this Gen-Xer. Recommend! And thanks Elsa!

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Jason KottkeMOD

I sent the Harry Potter one to my daughter and she said "they should do this with the Odyssey" and a quick search turned up the Odysslay.

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While I flex on my pops with this drip so fine.

Will he recognize me after all this time?

Or will his memory be as washed up as Vine?


Also really great: the graphic novel interpretation Bea Wolf by Zach Weinersmith, illustrated by Boulet. Read this with my kids last year and they LOVED it.

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