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New puzzle game from the NY Times: Strands. It’s a theme-based word search. I like the wrinkle that finding non-theme words earns you hints.

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The information I needed today. FYI: Just to get the 'SPANGRAM!'

Rebecca Nelson

Finally an NYT game that doesn't punish for incorrect guesses! My confidence needed this.

James Risley


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James Risley

This is good, but Puzzmo has been the best thing that's happened between me and puzzling. It's got a great community and it's not a snobby as NYT's puzzle space. I do like the hints, but if you like the gentle puzzling of this new Strands thing, I highly encourage you to try out Puzzmo! add me as a friend here:

Lucy Orloski

This is an addicting and delightful add to my life. Thanks for posting!

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Bring back [s]Sheriff Lobo[/s] Digits!

James Risley

loved digits! so much better than connections in my eye

Jason KottkeMOD

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CW Moss

I dig it!

Yen Ha

My dad used to buy us Games magazines as kids (anyone else?!) but as an adult I stayed mostly in crossword land until wordle and now my mornings start: wordle, spelling bee, connections, ending the day with the crossword. It's been a real pleasure watching NY Times Games evolve and grow and day 1 of strands is intriguing. Kind of reminds me of being a kid.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

“Kind of reminds me of being a kid” — totally. Clarifying to think of it like this. I used to solve mystery puzzle books with my dad (Usborne Puzzle Books in particular, with some kind of challenge on every page, but also a plot & storyline), and then later I would “help” him with the crossword. Those are some of my fondest memories.

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Dave Sandell

Jason or Edith, could you create a post where we can all share our Puzzmo usernames?

(BTW mine is if anyone wants to add me!)

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