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Virtual Stickers to Manage Replies By

a virtual sticker that reads 'Do not reply to tell me you don't have this problem'

a virtual sticker that reads 'Do not reply unless you have direct experience'

a virtual sticker that reads 'Do not reply, I'm just complaining, not asking for help'

a virtual sticker that reads 'This is an observation. Do not attempt to help. No reply necessary.'

Dan Hon: “Over on Mastodon, which has a Kind of Person, I made these images to attach to help people manage replies.” These are aces β€” I’ve included my personal favorites above. You can find the whole set here on Flickr or here with alt text.

These pair well with Rebecca Solnit’s recent piece on How to Comment on Social Media. (Dan, could I get one that says something about reading the link before replying?)

Discussion  3 comments

Atanas Entchev

I want to say these are perfect, but now I wonder whether my reply was unnecessary.

Ross Bell

β€œβ€¦ could I get one that says something about reading the link before replying?β€œ
Could I get one that says something about reading your reply before posting it? If you won’t take the time to correct the misspellings and grammatical errors in your post why should I give you any credit for knowing what you are talking about?

Natalie J

This reminds me a little of which provoked much discussion at my workplace recently.

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