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Bookstores should ditch the short-term thinking of efficiency & bring back big, comfy reading chairs (which help make life-long readers). “Reading made me a reader, but so did having a place that allowed that experience to be pure, self-directed…”

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Meghan Lowe

Yes! My local independent bookshop has comfy chairs/sofas and free tea/coffee (in proper teapots/coffee pots, too!) and it makes all the difference.


We don't even have those comfy chairs in the library anymore.

Mary Wallace

Libraries aren't even quiet anymore.

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Stephanie A-H

This post has unintentionally started a "Zagat guide of bookseller vibes from the early to mid 00s" between me and my husband.

Tra H

Also more nooks and crannies! I've been to several bookstores where they've tried to make them feel more open and "modern" but I don't want that. I want cozy chairs in cozy, tucked-away nooks so I can read a random book of polish poetry translated to English for an hour.

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