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The new Apple Sports app for iPhone is pretty good but isn’t great for keeping up with football — MLS & the European leagues are there, but no Champions/Europa Leagues, national teams, etc. Hopefully that’ll change.

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Matt Vaughn

FotMob is the much, much better choice here. Want to follow the Tanzania Premier League? They've got you covered.

Jason KottkeMOD

Ooh, FotMob does look pretty good: scores, lineups, just enough stats. And most importantly for me (esp. in the PL, where game custody is shared here in the US between NBC Sports and Peacock): where can I watch the damn thing? Thanks!

Mark Fellows

I can't speak highly enough about FotMob. Been using it for years. I recommend spending a few nickels for the Pro version without ads.

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Timothy C Truxell

I'm totally impressed with how fast everything is on the app. I will get its first real test for me tomorrow though, with a full slate of EPL matches.

I'm also hoping the European competitions will be added for next season, which is likely the earliest it will occur due to licensing and such.

Andrew M Ross

The Apple Sports app is pretty slick, but I love FlashScore because it has scores from sports that I had never even heard of. It's fun to poke around and see what other sports have pro leagues around the world, and where else are you going to get the standings from the Finnish Pesäpallo league?

Brady J. Frey

I like how clean and focused it is–it has that unix do one thing well dynamic. But I was surprised not to see widgets or watch complications at launch. If this thing had both, it'd solve many problems I have with NBA and MLB apps.

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