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Andy Weir’s The Martian was released in bookstores ten years ago. To celebrate, he wrote a new “lost” chapter of the book. “So now, my bed was a pressurized space car on Mars.”

Discussion  4 comments

Meghan Lowe

I wasn’t a huge fan of Project Hail Mary but I haven’t read The Martian - should I? (Is it better?)

Tim Hare

I haven't read Project Hail Mary but yes, you should read The Martian. In my opinion it's one of those novels that a science fiction writer manages to spit out once in a career; all of the elements seem just right (my opinion, of course). And whoever picked it up for Matt Damon to star in the movie version also was smart - the movie does justice to the book, too

Matt G

I second this. He really managed to build suspense throughout a whole book built around a scientist growing potatoes.

Meghan Lowe

Thanks, Tim and Matt - you’ve convinced me!

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