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The New Vocabulary of Cocktails, including “snaquiri” (a small daiquiri shot), “Bro-Nar” (shot of bourbon + Cynar), “dirty dump” (pouring a shaken cocktail w/o straining), and “Peyshawty” (Peychaud’s bitters).

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Collin Foster-Lawson

As a former Brooklyn bartender, this list gave me a big dose of nostalgia. If it was a slow week night, I used to love entrusting a friendly customer with a boomerang (pre-pandemic cocktail-to-go) to take to a friend's bar a 10 minute walk up the street—typically sealed in an empty Schweppes tonic water bottle, accompanied with cryptic instructions scrawled by sharpie on a slip of ticket printer paper.

It's also wild to reflect on how often we all drank on the job (as reflected in the many names for doing this: snaquiri, safety meeting, shifty). I used to have a manager who would routinely come around and ask us if we'd "checked if the rum had gone bad," a blatant request that we all take a shot. As a young barback, I was pretty intimated by the drinking culture at work, and I would take pretend sips of whatever a senior bartender had pressed into my hands before surreptitiously dumping the remains into one of the sinks in the bar well. It took me a couple years before I realized I could just decline the shot, or request an ounce of grapefruit juice instead.

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