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Bluesky is opening up to the public this week. Hot take: I like Bluesky better than both Threads and Mastodon (currently a distant 3rd, I’m afraid). I’m on there as

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John Delaney

I like Bluesky, but I wish they allowed video. I like posting progress updates of the little animations I do, and right now Mastodon is the only one that ticks all the boxes. I like the level of customization available in Mastodon, too. Its just not very lively.

Nick Baker

Mastodon, despite the head start and nice pockets of community, seems doomed for lower-tier status.

My big hope is that some app (I'm looking at you Ivory) stitches everything together somehow: an app that displays a single feed pulled from Bluesky, Threads, Mastodon, etc. I don't really care where people post. I just want to read the people I want to read, and a single place (we used to call it Twitter!!!) is ideal.

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John Delaney

I agree, I think I've kind of just given up posting (semi-) dailies because the platform doesn't really reach too many people. I really like the vibe and some good people are there, but it would be nice to have a consolidated feed... My experience, is also that the same three people post constantly, then you get a huge stream of posts from Doctorow, and that's my mastodon feed. .

Drew McManus

There are just people I want to follow. They used to mostly all be on Twitter (RIP). Unfortunately, they are now in various separate places. I wish everything would federate so I could just be in one place, and the people I want to follow could be wherever they prefer, and we could just follow each other. Is that too much to ask?

Anthony Finucane

Mastodon started strong and there are a lot of niche communities but I also found a lot of gatekeeping and “whataboutism” that really turned me off, similar to what you pointed out above. I’m mainly all-in on Threads now because the audience is already there — my instagram friends.

Anthony Finucane

Whoops! I meant to post that on the post linking to this one.

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