I could watch Pong Wars allllllll daaaaaaaay. Here’s the source code if you want to make your own.

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Matthew Battles

It's a big, complicated unfolding of action, though it looks like it plays out the same every time. What you might add to the code to introduce some uncertainty?

Matt G

A random starting point for each side would add enough variation.

Dylan Kahler

Night appears to have a built-in advantage... Is that baked into the code, or just a recurring result of the starting position?


I was also wondering why night seems to always be ahead of day. If you reload you can see the night side ball takes out 2 bricks while the day side ball takes out only one! Someone please fix this!

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Omg so nice! This should be used in elevators and waiting rooms. Maybe a sped up version instead of loading icons.

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