The best way to start your morning is by watching Tracy Chapman sing Fast Car at the Grammys last night. Her voice…it’s only gotten better.

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Jason KottkeMOD

Here's an alternate link in case that one doesn't work.

Jason KottkeMOD

Yet another link...maybe better quality?

Bert Vanderveen

That was amazing. Teared me up.

Kim D.

A NYTimes Opinion piece about that performance

Jay Rendon

Gah! Stupid water coming out of my eyes. She is a treasure. This reminds me of Joni Mitchell's rerecording of "Both Sides Now" in 2000. https://americansongwriter.com/why-the-re-recorded-version-of-joni-mitchells-both-sides-now-hits-even-harder/

Samantha Bloom

Made me cry this morning.

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