How to eat now: 16 rules of modern dining. A panel of critics, chefs, and writers weigh in on questions like “Dogs allowed in the dining room?”, “Should restaurants turn the music down?”, and asking for substitutions in dishes. (Me: no, yes, sometimes.)

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Mary Wallace

This is interesting. I haven't heard of a restaurant asking for a booking deposit around here yet (Baltimore-Washington). It would have to be a place I really wanted to go to.
I have a lot of food issues, so I often ask for things to be left out of dishes. But I'm an experienced cook and know what's possible. However, I've had friends try to intervene for me and it can get embarrassing (By definition, Caesar salad dressing has anchovies. I know that already. Don't ask the server to check!).
I don't think kids should be banned, but we don't want to be seated near them either. If we're being steered towards a family, we ask to be seated elsewhere. And not near the fish tank. Even if there aren't kids there now, they'll show up soon.

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