Infinite Craft, another fun, whimsical web game from creative coder Neal Agarwal. I made a unicorn!

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Zak Mahshie

Have you tried Little Alchemy?

Jeff Koke

Back in the early aughts, I had an idea for a digital card game where you battled people with elements that could combine in this way, and you could play your cards on someone else's and change what they had. I never did anything with it, but it's fun to see other people playing around with it.
The funniest combo I made with Infinite Craft is combining "lizard" with "car" gave me "gecko" -- that's some smart, hilarious programming.

Jeremy Wallace

Oh no. This is terrible. I might have gone too far. I made Batkid.

Jordan Warshavsky

Took me an awhile…. But I finally got to sharknado

Matt S

Oh jeez. I made an anticorn.

Nathan Clark

I'm so impressed with this. Basic concept, but super fun. I came back to it today and managed 4 "first discoveries". If those are actually instances where no one has found those, I'm more impressed at the entries he's put together for this.
Only downside is now I don't want to close the window and have to start all over again.

Marco R

what have i done


Some interesting and odd First Discoveries I've run across so far:
- Ash King
- Golem-in-the-box
- Yin-Yang-in-the-box
- Chameleon Sharknado
- Komodo Sharkensteinado
- Ash Salad Fingers
- Burgerzilla Kong
- Ash Caeser
- DUI King Whopper
- Coffee Whopper
- Spa Water
- Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
- Dr. Boom, Mad Pepper
- Mecha'Thun
- Burger Gundam

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