“If you are a webdev type person and lately the web has felt kinda dry and not fun anymore […] sit down in front of a code editor and hand code some HTML, CSS, and JS on your own.” I’ve been doing this recently and it has been fun!

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Tra H

I work as a programmer and a lot of the processes I'm setting up are just repeats of problems I've solved years ago. Occasionally though someone asks me to do something new and that's pretty much where 100% of the enjoyment in this job comes from. Figuring out new problems was the entire reason I became a coder so whenever I get that rare opportunity I just revel in it. I take a first stab at it in a basic text editor (Notepad++) without any frameworks or specialized libraries and just enjoy coding my way out of the problem. Once I have the flow/logic down then I introduce specialized libraries to make the tedious production code build-out process quicker.

Paul Burdick

Before commenting, before CMSes, this is exactly how I wrote my first personal blog for years. And, you know what, it worked great.

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