Numberphile: “A Sudoku Secret to Blow Your Mind”

I am not a sudoku player but I do appreciate the logical nature of the game, so Numberphile’s explanation of a simple pattern hidden in every single sudoku puzzle was pretty satisfying.

But really, it’s just an excuse to revisit this other video about solving “The Miracle Sudoku”:

Every once in a while during my internet travels, I run across something like this video: something impossibly mundane and niche (a ~26-minute video of someone solving a sudoku puzzle) that turns out to be ludicrously entertaining.

Oh and this perfect explanation of cryptocurrency is always worth another look:

imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

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David Nir

"I'm not sure I've got the adjectives to describe what is going on here. This is like ... this is like the universe is singing to us here. This is just absolutely unbelievable."

Stefan Jewett

Highly, HIGHLY recommend Simon and Mark's youtube channel Cracking the Cryptic, which I of course discovered here from the miracle sudoku video. Simon gets much more excited than is evident in this video. They also do a great job of explaining the rules of the sudoku variants on each video, so every video is easy to follow along, and the web app they use is pretty versatile.

Chris Coyier

+1 to Stefan.

If anyone has any deeper interest in these Sudoku videos, The Miracle Sudoku one is fine, but Simon and Mark do puzzles like that every single day on Cracking the Cryptic and it's lovely.

Louise Hornor

The best part about Cracking the Cryptic is how enthusiastic they are about each game. It's really delightful to watch someone doing something they love so much!

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