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This new induction stove seems interesting: it runs on 120V, it has a battery (which charges when energy is cheap), works if the power goes out, and can boil a liter of water in 40 sec., and can send power back to the grid.

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Eric Goff

I was at a conference where this was presented - batteries in everything will totally change the electric grid. Imagine a refrigerator with a one or two hour battery that can charge when renewables are high and discharge at peak prices. No impact to your daily life at all, but significant savings on carbon and energy costs, plus a level of comfort for all of your food for when things go wrong.

Matthew M

It's neat, but it's $6k? That's most of the cost of a single storage battery for a home. I understand that the idea is to overcome the limitation of working off 110 wiring, but it's not that expensive in most cases to run different wiring. For fire reasons, I'd also personally feel better with a few large batteries to smooth grid demand (ideally not in the structure I live in) rather than scattering medium-sized lithium batteries all over the place in my house.

Desmond Kamas

Volts covered a similar stove from Channing Street Copper which also contained a built-in battery. Apparently that also eliminated the induction buzz noise, which they said was a side effect of AC power.

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