Whoa, take a look at the Carice TC2, a tiny Porsche-inspired EV roadster.

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Nicolas Magand

Spent way too much time on the website already… loving this. I also LOVE the new Caterham Project V.

Daniel Douek

Love it! It really looks like the Nissan Figaro

Tim Calvin

Different, but reminds me somewhat of the Kilow car: https://kilow.com/products/la-bagnole (though technically it's not a car, it's a "quadracycle" and there are limits to power and size and weight).
I'm always bummed I can't buy stuff like that here- at least not to use on surface roads- but I'm not sure how I'd feel in something that small with 9000lbs electric SUV's with hoods taller than the entire care running around...

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