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Rolling Stone picks The 150 Greatest Science Fiction Movies of All Time. So much to argue with re: the rankings (like why Jurassic Park is rated so low), but also so much to put on the watchlist.

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Colter Mccorkindale

Definitely added a few I wasn't familiar with. But strange to see so many errors and typos in a 3-day old online piece. Do they not employ fact-checkers and proofreaders any more? "Alan Rudyk," "Andrew Wilson," "narratuve"? Is A.I. writing this stuff?

Matthew Battles

Starship Troopers lands at no. 11 here...

Paolo Palombo

I had the same reaction when I read it.
"I can't believe they ranked X this high/low!"
"Oh! Never heard of that one! Added to my watchlist"

Steven Crozier

Plenty of room to quibble about placement, inclusion, etc., but if anyone disputes whether #1 deserves to be #1, we can step into an alternate universe and have a good ol' fashioned, no-holds-barred frank exchange of views.

Paolo Palombo

I agree, no questions about #1


Just reading your comment, and before clicking, I told myself 'So it must be ..."

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Please tell me this is a joke list. Zardoz??? Any flick that's been lampooned by both RiffTrax and MST3K has no business being here.

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