The Fruit Shaped Bus Stops in Nagasaki, Japan

bus stop shaped like a strawberry

bus stop shaped like a melon

bus stop shaped like a tomato

The small town of Konagai in Nagasaki Prefecture has a number of whimsical bus stops shaped like fruits.

Today, there are 5 kinds of fruit-shaped bus stops; strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, orange and tomato. The area of the highway is now referred to as “Tokimeki Fruits Basutei Dori”, or “Tokimeki Fruit-shaped Bus Stop Avenue”.

(thx, caroline)

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David Nir

I read the headline as, "The [fruit-shaped bus] stops in Nagasaki, Japan." I was like, when will it stop in my hometown?

Dirk Bergstrom

I think those are where you wait to catch the multi-legged catbus.

Lisa S.

I just love how the Japanese are so good at taking the mundane and finding a sense of fun and whimsy.

And yes, I hope the cat bus stops at these!

Chris Frampton

Bus stops are important. In the US, they are treated as a place for advertisements. But, they are the place people wait for the bus. The better it is to wait for the bus, the better it is to take the bus. I wish we had fruit bus stops.

Eric M

A big thing US transit agencies need to understand is, if you make public transit look cool more people will take it. I love these.

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