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One Year Back

While I was travelling earlier this month, I missed observing the one-year anniversary of my return from a 7-month sabbatical1 and I wanted to briefly circle back to it.

I still haven’t written too much about what I did and didn’t do during my time away — I thought I would but found I didn’t have a whole lot to say about it. The truth is I’m still in the process of, uh, processing it. But it’s clear to me that the extended time off was an incredible gift that has revitalized me — I’m really enjoying my work here and have great plans for the future that I can’t wait to get going on.

So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again to my readers and members for your support and for trusting that the end result of such a long break would be worth it (when even I was skeptical about it). In an email after she finished her recent guest editing stint, Edith told me “You have the best readers!” I sure do and I feel very lucky for it.

  1. I still cannot spell “sabbatical” correctly the first time. Apparently it has two Bs and only one T??

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Matt G

I'm envious. I'd love to be able to let my work go for that long. Even for a week or two. Annoyingly I need money for boring things like food and shelter.

Yen Ha

Yee haw for you, and for your readers! And pretty excited you feel revitalized about the work you're doing here. It may seem, at times, superfluous, but really love how you continue to support the opening of our minds. I guessed, and google confirmed, that sabbatical comes from sabbath - maybe that will help you remember?


I can't believe it's been a year. I would have guessed way shorter. You've been killing it since you got back.

Kelsey P.

I’m so glad you took that time and so happy to be here, learning and responding and discovering with this community you’ve made. Thanks for the heartfelt work you do!

Kelsey P.

Whoops! Well, this ended up a reply because I also agree with everything Jonathan said.

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Tim Brown

We’re lucky to have you Jason. Thanks for making this place. 🌲

Dirk Bergstrom

About 15 years ago I took an open-ended "sabbatical" (burned all my accumulated vacation and then took the rest unpaid) from my job as a computer geek. Took me six weeks to fully decompress, at which point I seriously considered retiring. Sadly I was at least a million bucks short and a dozen years too young. Called my boss and told her I'd be coming back in another three weeks.
The world would be a better place if sabbaticals were a regular thing for everyone.

Jacob Mul



Honestly Jason, tell us tomorrow or tell us never. That was your time and I am so grateful you took it because I’m selfish and just wanted you to come back.

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