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I loved Questlove’s review of André 3000’s “departure album” of instrumental music. “All you newbie meditators/microdosers/”time-out-for-me-before-I-hurt-someone” people who are trying to do better - THIS is good medicine music for you.”

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Kenzie B.

This reminds me of how I came across Emancipator (my go-to medicine music). I read somewhere that it was the music a trip hotline volunteer would recommend when folks reached out for support through a bad trip. I wasn't tripping but it sounded exactly like what I needed to stay grounded through work turmoil so I gave it a go.

I look forward to giving this album a listen!

Broccoli of Doom

If you enjoy Emancipator be sure to check out Little People and of course Bonobo. That trio makes up my "strap in and get the work done without going insane" playlist that I've been adding to over the years...

Dave Sandell

Couple more to recommend that "stay grounded and get work done" vain -- John Roberts' Glass Eights and Robag Wruhme's Thora Vukk.

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