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Wow, Robert Butler directed the initial episodes for Batman, Star Trek, Moonlighting, Hill Street Blues, Hogan’s Heroes, and Remington Steele. Butler died earlier this month, aged 95.

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Chris Sheehan

Lately I've been wondering why TV directors don't get more acclaim. With the rise of "prestige" TV, I still only notice the director of an episode if it is a well known film director (like Fincher) doing an episode of TV, or if it is one of the actors in the show. Are there famous TV directors that I just don't know about?

Mike F.

I've noticed directors that were previously well-known (or at least known) actors. Tim Van Patten probably being on of the best of that crew. Ken Olin, Timothy Busfield being others.
Michelle McLaren I came to recognize in Breaking Bad, and then took note of her episodes in Game of Thrones. I came to know a number of the BB directors because of how Vince & Co. really seemed to lean in "every frame a painting" mindset and framed some masterpieces.

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