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Maybe you knew this but I didn’t: the Great British Bake Off puts the complete recipes for many of their challenges online, including what looks like all the technicals and 100s of bakes by contestants.

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William Ross

Wow. That’s both pleasing and genuinely useful. Every year my wife chooses something from Bake Off that the kids and I should make for her birthday, with predictably disappointing but funny results. Now I no longer have to improvise.

This is not the channel through which I expected this news to come, but thank you. Helpful.

Bison Bison

Yes! I am planning on making the lemon thyme bundt cake from last week’s technical challenge this weekend.

Also, one of my favorite blogs tries to make the technical challenge each week without the recipe and the results are hilarious.

Caroline G.

Oh man, that defector blog is really funny. Definitely going to be a regular reader from now on!

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Alex S

My favorite British Bake-off fact is that the US version has a ton of VFX to replace Bake-off with Bake Show to avoid a trademark issue with Pillsbury.

Brian Moen

I just want a book of all the illustrations from the bakes

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