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I don’t really know exactly what to say about this today, but Craig Mod’s thoughts on aloneness, solitude, therapy, and self-renewal really resonated with me.

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C. Russell

This was really helpful for me today. Thanks for posting it.

Matt Smith

I've found myself in a similar place to this, in some ways. I've been in therapy for a long time too, with similar but not really the same problems and I find myself genuinely surprised that I've managed to make progress. That it's possible to make progress at all!

I really want to tell people about it, to share with people a sense that it is possible to feel better - but in the UK, a bit like Japan I imagine, it's not something we really talk about and when I've done it, it's been weird.. It's nice to read that someone else has similar feelings, and to talk about this sort of thing at all.



Jody Tate

“Aloneness as default becomes comforting, and habits built around aloneness, too, feel palliative because they’re known, and we tend to repeat familiar actions, even if they hurt us.”

This resonates. Deeply.

Thanks for sharing.

Katharin Miller

I had never thought of the habit of aloneness. I can see this in myself. ❤️ for the post.

Adam Solove

Man, I've followed him for so long but always forget how much good stuff is in the archives. I read this one and somehow got into a big hole of links that dropped me on this old post on friends and role models, which was great:

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