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The Puzzmo Manifesto. “Work cannot be magically reformulated to become play. Play is its own thing. Play is engaging and all-encompassing. Play makes you feel light and free, even when it itself is deep and complex. Play is the companion of joy.”

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Andy Baio

Some additional context: This is from game designer Zach Gage and his collaborators, who recently launched Puzzmo as a web-based community for fans of daily puzzles, as a collaboration with Hearst. I got an early invite and I'm now a paying member, it's all pretty charming. (Disclosure: Zach's a friend.) They release invite keys every day, but you have to solve a little puzzle first.

The Verge talked to Zach Gage about it recently, if anyone wants to learn more.


I got in to Puzzmo a couple days ago. One odd thing about their sign up flow is that they require you give them your snail mail address, to which they will send the invite code. I'm not sure why but it was a little surprising. I gave them my address and the invite never came, so I emailed them. They sent me a PDF of a puzzle to solve, the answer to which was my invite code. Anyways now I'm in!

Phil Wells

I eventually got my postcard and it itself was another puzzle. It's all very Willy Wonka. The Puzzmo puzzles are great! Seeing how I rank at everything against all the other puzzlers in the world (not well) kinda takes the wind out of my sails. I like to take my time with a puzzle!

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