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The Bird Migration Explorer

a map of North and South Americas with thinly drawn lines representing the migratory patterns of hundreds of species of birds

I loved playing around with the National Audubon Society’s Bird Migration Explorer, which is a beautifully designed interactive map of the Western hemisphere that shows the seasonal migration patterns of more than 450 species of birds. What a resource…so much information to explore here. (via marco c. in the comments)

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Eric Goff

eBird is a tool that birders use to log sightings of birds. Cornell uses that data to get much more granular data about migrations, patterns, and habitats.

Marco C
๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿคฏ โญ๏ธ  comment

Oh hey, so happy you enjoyed using it, Jason! Thanks for sharing it here.

To Eric's point, this was built in partnership with many data providers, including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and their underlying eBird program, which is a jewel. (You can find out more by clicking the Data Providers box in the lower right.) And Cornell indeed has a lot more deeper explorations with their eBird data and derived models that I highly encourage birdy folks to dive into:

We have many ways we've trying to use the Bird Migration Explorer to further conservation, and we have found that the way it personalizes location can be used to connect with high level decision makers, communities, and others who play roles in informing decisions to protect habitat, site renewal energy and transmission, etc. We're still working on the product and hope to surface the personalized location based features more prominently, even though it's hard to resist to put those beautiful track summaries and bird species pictures up front.

Jason KottkeMOD
Tim CarmodyMOD

Was coming here to share this!

Tyler Zeruk

What a beautiful visualization! The Audubon app is also SO GOOD โ€ฆ whoever they have doing app design and development are excellent at their jobs.

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