Hatching a Teeny Tiny Zebra Finch

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 08, 2023

Leave it to The Kid Should See This for finding this gem of a video, featuring the hatching and early life of a tiny zebra finch.

This is the smallest bird I've ever hatched. After a little Finch had lost her partner, I was asked if she could stay in my big Aviary. When I returned home after picking her up, on the way back she had laid an egg in the little transport box! Birds only do this when they have an egg that needs to be laid. I knew there was only a small chance she would accept and hatch this egg in an actual nest herself, but I wanted to try before I set plan B in motion...

The mother bird didn't accept the egg, it was moved to an incubator, and after a couple of weeks the tiniest bird you've ever seen hatches. The birth and first feeding were absolutely riveting — I was on the edge of my chair! What weird little alien creatures baby birds are. (via the kid should see this)