Out Sick Today

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 20, 2022

sign that says 'it's been 0 days since I've taken a sick day'

Welp, I woke up feeling like garbage and it seems I’ve finally gotten the cold that’s been going around in my family for the past two weeks. It’s weird being sick — it’s been such a long time. Aside from a couple of 1-day post-vaccine reactions and a stomach bug I picked up in Mexico last summer, the last time I was sick was when I got Covid way back in early February 2020.

You know, feeling the way I do right now, I don’t enjoy being sick. So I’m going to continue to mask up at the grocery store, on planes, subways, and buses, and generally anywhere else where a lot of strangers are sharing air. I’m just fine without frequent respiratory illness, thanks.

Anyway, I’m taking the day off to rest up and recuperate — I hope to be back with you tomorrow at something approaching full strength.