Trans Dudes From History

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 14, 2021

In a two-part video series called Trans Dudes From History, Jackson Bird tells us about some historical people who were probably transgender or transmasculine.

Trans people have always existed, even if they didn't have the same language we do now and even if most history books won't tell you about them. In this first volume of my Trans Dudes From History series, I give an introduction to talking about people from history who maybe could've been trans and share the profiles of three people — a Spanish conquistador, a stagecoach driver, and a bronco buster — who all transgressed gender in some way.

The introduction in the first video (embedded above) — about history and how we even know people were trans before the language around that was even invented — is really interesting. Part two of Trans Dudes From History is right here.