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Identical Strangers

With almost 8 billion people in the world, chances are pretty good that everyone has a doppelgänger somewhere out there. Finding My Twin Stranger is a short documentary that follows researchers from the Department of Twin Research at St Thomas’ Hospital as they look for the most identical strangers — people who aren’t biological twins but sure look like they do.

In this documentary, we follow people as they track down their twin stranger across the globe and meet for the first time. They get to know one another and find out about each other’s lives and whether there are any other similarities. While the pairs get to know each other, they are also undergoing a series of tests by the twin-experts at St Thomas’ Hospital. These include measuring similarities of facial features using the latest 3D scanning technology, 2D facial recognition analysis and DNA ancestry testing.

The experts then get 100 people to rate the similarities from photos from most alike to least alike. Taking all of the results into consideration, the twin-experts will then reveal which pair is the most identical.

You can use the site Twin Strangers to find your own doppelgänger — you can see some of their matches here and on Instagram.

See also the fascinating 2018 documentary Three Identical Strangers and Identical Twins Who Look Nothing Alike.