Fun public space claims in China

posted by Patrick Tanguay Feb 04, 2020

Public space claims in Chongqing

Little details of habits or unique uses of space and devices always draw my attention. These rollerbladers-in-training in Chongqing, China, spotted by Square Inch Anthro are exactly that, a day to day use of public space somewhat unique to a place.

On weekend mornings starting in late spring, this section of public square located in Chongqing's central Shapingba district is taken over by somewhat the opposite end of the demographic spectrum: a trio of instructors and a gaggle of elementary school-aged rollerbladers-in-training. Dividing students by age and ability, instructors lay out various configurations of small orange cones and guide/coax their charges through them.

(You can also have a look at the communal dancers.)