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End of week favs & overlooked

posted by Patrick Tanguay   Feb 07, 2020

Mount Aso by Tom Vining

Here we are, Friday night, last day of this latest guest-editing of Kottke dot org, I hope you enjoyed what I found for you these past few days.

In case you missed them, here are a few of my favourites and some which, for whatever reason, might have gone a bit overlooked.

Dissolving realities in Vietnam
A fabrication lab in Japan hopes to rejuvenate the local cedar industry
Database of old book illustrations
Coyote and badger hunting as a team
Tintin, under-appreciated dresser

If you enjoyed what I shared this week, have a look at my newsletter, Sentiers. Over there I skew a bit more towards the dystopian and critical in tone but covering a lot of the same topics. Have a good weekend!

Image credit: Mount Aso by Tom Vining, the Fab Lab in the story above is located just north of there.