A travel guide to Xbox destinations

Xbox Rough Guide

There is now a Rough Guide to Xbox. If this turned out to be paid for by Microsoft, I wouldn’t be surprised. It kind of makes sense though, with the level of detail now available in games, with the time people spend in there, with the time spent just looking around instead of advancing a quest or mission, with “photography” happening from inside games, perhaps it’s time for a travel guide to the most gorgeous creations.

That distinction has now been eroded. Game graphics are so immersive and all-consuming, you don’t just experience the gameplay - you experience the very world in which the gameplay unfolds. That thrilling feeling of being somewhere new is no longer the exclusive domain of real-world travel. (Quote from the Rough Guides site)

There already are Discovery Tours in Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Fortnite is used as a social space, maybe it’s not that surprising that a travel guide of this kind would be published.

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