From Reality TV to YouTube and back again

posted by Patrick Tanguay Jul 30, 2019

The transformation of (a lot of) the internet into simply a larger, more diversified series of tv channels continues apace. Sharing here for the last quote below, which seems like an important insight and transformation.

In 2019, authenticity has been replaced with pageantry, and relationships with viewers have been manipulated into making the audience care about something produced blatantly to turn a profit.

As the YouTube community faces a reality where "mainstream networks are starting to dominate the platform and eclipse independent creators," they try to join those networks or endeavour to create their own TV-show-like productions.

YouTube's community borrowed from reality TV's most innovative narrative tool — confessionals — to create what the entire world now understands as modern vlogging. It worked extremely well. But as the vlogging format went out of style, creators are now looking for new and creative ways to remain relevant and catch people's attention. For creators like Paul and Mongeau, that's meant a return to the trappings of reality TV. (Emphasis mine.)