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Single-Use Plastic Bags Are Embarrassing

A Vancouver market is handing out “embarrassing” plastic bags to customers to encourage them to remember to use reusable bags instead.

Embarrassing Plastic

Embarrassing Plastic

Embarrassing Plastic

Currently, East West charges customers five cents per embarrassing plastic bag that they take. They plan to continue handing out the specialty bags for the foreseeable future, but note that they’d rather no one take them. Instead, they hope to start a conversation about single-use plastic bags, as well as influence shoppers to bring their own bags โ€” whether they are shopping at East West or somewhere else.

It’s a fun idea but as several people on Twitter remarked, the idea that people should be embarrassed about watching porn or seeking medical treatment is anachronistic. Besides, these bags might become a cool thing to have and use โ€” an ironic fashion statement of sorts โ€” defeating the original purpose in the process.