Swimming with the Largest Great White Shark in the World

posted by Jason Kottke Jan 22, 2019

Great White Swim

A group of divers with One Ocean Diving recently swam with Deep Blue, a great white shark that is believed to be one of largest on Earth. Deep Blue is a female white shark that's around 50 years old and 20 feet long.

Great White Swim

"Deep Blue came up and brushed up against the boat, maybe she's pregnant, maybe she's itchy?" Ramsey wrote, adding: "She swam away escorted by two rough-toothed dolphins who danced around her."

Deep Blue is over 50 years old, and was caught on camera five years ago in a video that quickly went viral.

Ramsey said her team had been monitoring tiger sharks feeding when the legendary great white made her surprise appearance. The divers "spent the entire day with her till the sun went down," Ramsey wrote.

Here's a video of the group swimming with the shark. I had no idea that you could swim with great whites like that, outside of a cage. Wow.