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Guest editing this week: Patrick Tanguay

[Hello there, everyone. I am off this week (taking two kids to The Wizarding World in Orlando, pray for me, the butterbeer is alcoholic, so they’ll be knocked out after one round, right?) and am very pleased that Patrick Tanguay will be taking over while I’m gone. Welcome, Patrick! For the rest of youse, I will be back next week. -jason]

Hi fellow readers, I’m very happy and honoured to be on this side of the curtain for a week. I’ve been reading this here blog pretty much since the beginning and blogging myself since early 2003. If you like what I do here this week, you should probably subscribe to my newsletter Sentiers, lots of commonality of topics. I’m @inevernu on Twitter and this tweet by Eliot Peper is a good and flattering description of Sentiers.

In the last few years I also cocreated The Alpine Review, a compendium of ideas for a world in transition. We are on (deep) hiatus right now but we are still very proud of those three issues. It was quite well received critically and we even received a few awards for it. I launched and participated in a few other projects, have a look at the above blog to know more if you’re curious.

Work wise, I partner with clients at a kind of intersection between curating, editing, writing, and consulting. Roughly; I find what people and organizations need to know and help making sense of it for their life and work. You can have a look at my work page and reach out if you are intrigued or in need of such an hybrid skill set.