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Wear your favorite books


Each of these shirts offered for sale by Litographs contains the entire text of your favorite public domain book.

You may have seen these designs featured back when they were just available as posters. But what good is a poster when you have to bring someone inside your house to show them how literary you are? Now you can wear it right on your sleeve.

For those worried about allover tshirt printing, they use dye sublimation which embeds the ink in the fibers so it’s not heavy paint sitting across the entirety of the shirt waiting to crack and peel. It’s a smooth, long lasting process that leaves it feeling like you’re wearing a regular, blank tshirt.

And with Litographs’ contributions to the International Book Bank for each sale, you can look and feel good while supporting literacy.

The shirt featured above (and below, zoomed in) is the Hamlet shirt.


(via @jenny8lee)