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The world’s zaniest U-turn

This is straight out of an episode of Mr. Bean or Austin Powers: a driver in a tiny car tries to make a U-turn on an even tinier street in Naples and gets stuck. Traffic starts backing up. A crowd gathers. A gang of motorcyclists shows up. A church procession is blocked from going down the street. Eventually the priest gets involved in moving the car.

This better be real because it’s one of the most improbably cinematic things I’ve ever seen. (via @DavidGrann)

Update: WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS??! This is probably a fake.

Republic had presented the video of the jam so become “viral” on the web. In fact, the movie is the result of a staging. residents hired as extras, 24 hours and no camera but only iPhone and iPad to shoot. These are the ingredients of the video style “Benvenuti al Sud” that drove him crazy social networks and turned the spotlight on the town in the province of Naples.

Stupid Fiat. (thx, pb)