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The alarming lack of hospitals in lower Manhattan

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 09, 2012

Ever since St. Vincent’s closed in 2010 (I walk past it every morning taking my son to school and they are ripping the shit out of the building to turn it into condos), lower Manhattan has been short more than a few hospital beds. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Manhattan has been left with zero high-level trauma centers south of 68th Street.

Now, the nearest Level One trauma centers for residents of lower Manhattan aren’t all that close: New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center is on the Upper East Side at East 68th Street and St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital is on the Upper West Side.

Officials say there’s no reason to think that, for now, trauma victims in lower Manhattan will be any worse off than those in other parts of the city. The response speed is still acceptable, they say. And if a trauma victim is in an immediately life-threatening situation, such as a traumatic cardiac arrest, ambulances bring them to the closest hospital, regardless of whether it’s a trauma center.

But the fear is that there won’t be enough surge capacity at other hospitals if there is a major disaster, or that overworked staff at other hospitals will grow fatigued under the load and patient care could suffer.

Well, I’m sure the free market will sort all of this out. (via @Atul_Gawande)