Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Analyze Stanley Kubrick

posted by Sarah Pavis   Nov 23, 2012

The author, Tim Dirks, calls it a review but this 12,000 word shot-by-shot, psycho-sexual deconstruction of the movie Dr. Strangelove reads more like the start of a dissertation than something you’d find on Moviefone.

Grumbling, complaining that he always has to think of everything, the boyish crew-cutted Turgidson approaches the phone from the bathroom, first viewed in the wall mirror reflection next to his secretary. Right wing war hawk Turgidson wears an open sports shirt and shorts, slapping his bare gut during the phone conversation. He first finds out that there’s nothin’ “cookin’ on the threat board.” Worried about a conspiracy, he advises Puntridge: “You better give Elmo and Charlie a blast, and bump everything up to Condition Red and stand by the blower.” Turgidson nonchalantly tells Miss Scott: “I just thought I might mosey over to the War Room for a few minutes,” although it is three o’clock in the morning: “The Air Force never sleeps.” That will interrupt their sexual plans, however.

Included in the article is a handy chart explaining how each character’s name is a sexual reference.



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