The secret meaning of the lines on a Solo cup

When some unknown ancient civilization invented the Solo cup, they placed several lines on the outside of the cup, seemingly at random intervals. Was it a star chart? A moon calendar? A representation of their water god? Recently internet memiticians have uncovered the startlingly simple pattern behind those lines. Are you ready for this?

Solo Cup

There you have it, the ancients used those marks to measure out appropriate quantities of alcohol, just like today’s college kids do at frat parties. Nevermind that Solo is moving away from that cup design…this is still an amazing discovery. (via stellar)

Update: Getting lots of mail about this…apparently the memiticians were wrong!

The lines on our Party Cups are designed for functional performance and are not measurement lines. If the lines do coincide with certain measurements, it is purely coincidental.

(thx, everyone)

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