Not all YOU can fly

posted by Aaron Cohen   May 07, 2012

Throughout it’s its history, American Airlines has offered a variety of all-you-can-fly passes allowing unlimited first-class travel for life. Several people bought these passes, and actually used them, and when American started realizing how much the top users of AAirpass were costing the airline, American looked for ways to revoke the passes.

In one 25-day span this year, Joyce flew round trip to London 16 times, flights that would retail for more than $125,000. He didn’t pay a dime.

In July 2004, for example, Rothstein flew 18 times, visiting Nova Scotia, New York, Miami, London, Los Angeles, Maine, Denver and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., some of them several times over. The complexity of such itineraries would stump most travelers; happily for AAirpass holders, American provided elite agents able to solve the toughest booking puzzles.

(via @mikeindustries)