Sherlock returns in January

posted by Jason Kottke Dec 12, 2011

The second season of Sherlock returns to the BBC on January 1st with A Scandal In Belgravia:

In episode one of this new series, compromising photographs and a case of blackmail threaten the very heart of the British establishment but, for Sherlock and John, the game is on in more ways than one as they find themselves battling international terrorism, rogue CIA agents and a secret conspiracy involving the British government. But this case will cast a darker shadow over their lives than they could ever imagine, as the great detective begins a long duel of wits with an antagonist as cold and ruthless and brilliant as himself: to Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler will always be THE woman.

The series will likely show in the US on TV at some point after that or via torrent quite a bit sooner.