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KitchenAid Pro mixer on sale for $210

Black Friday and Cyber Monday suck. But! (There’s always a but.) The thing is, there are good deals to be had if you’re in need of something. Like a KitchenAid 6-quart professional mixer for only $210 after sales and rebates.

Oh, and as long as you’re here, a few other holiday gift ideas:

- Han Solo encased in carbonite ice cube tray.

- Get yourself a yearly membership to Mlkshk. It’s $24 and Mlkshk is great.

- Do not buy Patagonia. So says Patagonia. (But seriously, if you need winter gear, buy Patagonia…it kicks ass and lasts a looong time.)

- A huge red bow to put on the Lexus you’re getting for your wife.

- Legos are too complicated these days. Just get your kid a box of plain-old Lego bricks…they’re going to get enough Potter, Star Wars, and Barbie from every other vector.