The new Delicious

posted by Jason Kottke Sep 27, 2011

Having been extricated from Yahoo by a pair of YouTube founders, a revamped Delicious goes live. Here's a bit of explanation:

Every day, people create boatloads of content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and across the entire web. It's getting increasingly difficult to cut through all the noise. If you know exactly what you're looking for, search works great, but what if you want to discover something new? Conversely, how can you easily organize the best websites around a topic you know a lot about?

We came up with a simple solution called stacks, which are collections of links that you can share. They're playlists for the web!

The stacks thing seems a lot like Pinterest but for more than images. (Also, it looks like my links — all three of them — didn't get pulled across from the old site/system even though I opted in to the data migration. Is this a common thing?)