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Sassy 2.0

Or is it 3.0 or 4.0? Anyway, Jane Pratt of Sassy magazine fame has launched her new media venture xoJane entirely online. Thumbs up so far…for a representative sample, look at I’ll Try Anything Once: Nude Bodysuit, My Rapist Friended Me on Facebook (and All I Got Was This Lousy Article), and my favorite feature on the site, Jane’s Phone, which is basically Pratt’s moblog but presented in such a way that it feels less like an archive and more immediate (if that makes any sense).

Oh, and please do remember that it’s and not…the latter is the URL for the site of Jane St. Clair, “First Class Luxury Companion, Brunette Manhattan Escort, Travel Companion, VIP Courtesan, and Exclusive Private Girlfriend”. Also is free and Ms. St. Clair starts at $700/hr.