Wheel of Fortune puzzle solved in one letter

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 12, 2010

Caitlin Burke solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle after only guessing a single letter…and she didn’t even really need that.

From a blog post by Chris Jones, who previously wrote about the guy who aced The Price is Right.

But something about Burke’s moment — the mean-girl giggles in the audience when she asked to solve the puzzle; Sajak’s speechlessness after she did — better captured the imagination. People watching her clip as it crackled across the Internet responded the same way the stunned contestant standing next to her did. Like that poor guy named Rick, they looked at her, and back at the puzzle, back at her, and back at the puzzle, trying to figure it out: How did she do that?

“There are a million things I’m not good at,” she told me on Tuesday. “But Wheel of Fortune, I can do.”