Blind soccer

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 25, 2010

What blind soccer players lack in sight, they more than make up for in footwork.

Some lovely skill there. From a Wired article on the sport:

In blind soccer, there are five on each side, a goalie and four outfield players. The goalie can be sighted or visually impaired and must stay in his designated goalie box. His teammates, meanwhile, wear eye shields so as to take away any competitive advantage from those players that may have limited vision over those who have no sight whatsoever. There are no throw-ins, as there is a wall surrounding the shrunken (at least, by typical soccer standards) playing field, and each team has someone calling out instructions from behind one of the goals. The players can call each other either by name or by shouting "Yeah!" And when you're approaching to engage another player to steal the ball, you must shout "Voy!" โ€” Spanish for I'm here! That means that you've got to discern the voice of your teammates โ€” since everyone on the pitch is yelling "Yeah!" โ€” and have a sense of where you are with the ball (which contains ball bearings, to help with tactility on the foot) in relation to the goal.