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First two minutes of Lost season six

I couldn’t find the entire first hour of the season six premiere of Lost that was supposed to have leaked online, but this contains the first two minutes (plus two minutes from last season):

Update: I’ve gotten some angry emails saying that I have spoiled the Lost season premiere for people by embedding this video showing the still frame of Jack on an airplane. To rebut:

1. Lost is unspoilable. What you think is happening either didn’t happen, won’t happen, will happen again, and has nothing to do with with happened previously or afterwards.

2. Seeing the first two minutes of a TV show doesn’t spoil the TV show…that’s just watching the show.

3. At the end of last season, if you picked the most obvious scenario for season six to open with, it would have been that the bomb reset the timeline and then seeing everyone on Flight 815 headed safely for Los Angeles, oblivious of all that we’ve witnessed in the past five years. You can’t spoil the obvious.

Update: Ok, here’s the first hour of the season premiere (starts at around 1:35:20). It’s a poor recording with even worse sound, but it’s watchable if you have to know RIGHT NOW. (thx, jeffrey)