Updates on previous entries for Jan 1, 2010*

posted by Jason Kottke Jan 02, 2010

Amazing surfing video of Matt Meola orig. from Nov 04, 2009
Dogfighting vs. football in moral calculus orig. from Oct 12, 2009
Did Texas execute an innocent man? orig. from Sep 03, 2009
Missed connections, illustrated orig. from Sep 25, 2009
Watching them swim orig. from Jul 22, 2009
No one knows how to make a pencil orig. from Jul 09, 2009
Almost freezing to death orig. from Jun 04, 2009
The causes of increased healthcare spending in the US orig. from May 28, 2009

* Q: Wha? A: These previously published entries have been updated with new information in the last 24 hours. You can find past updates here.